Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rest Stop 1 Mile

Aire de piqueImage via WikipediaThe highway to paradise
is lined with many tempting rest stops.
Resist the temptation to get off the road

until you’ve reached your destination.
-- Yehuda Berg

lately I've met someone angry that they did not 
achieve a certain goal

They had not
"done the work"FacilitiesImage via Wikipedia
necessary to earn
what they were seeking

It was confusing at first
the path seems simple
(if long)
to get to the finish line
and earn the
perceived prize.

My confusion
of course
was the behavior 

The Lesson
I think Rest area on northbound Interstate 81 at milep...Image via Wikipedia
I'm supposed to have reinforced - is to keep my eye on the road and get where I'm going

Yehuda says all of this
way better
and in so few words.

don't you think?

D'ya have a story to share?

love & love,Autobahnpakrplatz MAN LkwImage via Wikipedia
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