Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tell it like it is . . . (yikers!)

Assume the responsibility for your fulfillment – 
or surrender to uncertainty and permit it to run your life, 
and create havoc at its whim. 
--Yehuda Berg 

The Garden - Tuesday before Fall - georgy

 I'm working on several things this week,
as i suspect you are - 

Lately my role has expanded to include working regularly (closely) with a few other people.  This is great fun for me.  i am a "team player" by nature, as many musicians are - there's a BUT in here, though.  There are times we all get to communicate with extra clarity, instead of the "right brain ramble" I'd fallen into as a "solo artist."  There's one other point I've discovered . . so far . . . when part of the team has an issue and becomes passionate (angry,) it causes me to look carefully at myself.  If the passion seems materially directed and - maybe even insistent in it's stance - I look to see where, in me, this is mirrored.  

 Perhaps, finding this "heat' in myself, i can self-correct - 
assisting the particular issue
to "lift" 
maybe like fog in the morning
to find the Light Inside -
that allows us all to "win."

Do you have tips, or examples to share?

Lemons - growing in a big pot at The Garden - Tuesday before Fall - g
All This said, I have taken on a new adventure - 
added even more study to my life 
(ya think I'll ever know enough?  
maybe not, 
maybe I'm a slow learner . . hm?)

Moonflower - backyard -
I am grateful for your company.

love & love,


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