Friday, September 30, 2011

Crossing Guard

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Most of you know I'm a Metro-Rider.
(I ride public transit.  
Okay, okay I admit I'm trying to decide if I want a car again - 
or i want to move closer in to all the things i do - 
BUT, that's a story - and a decision -- for another time.)

Thing is, i walk to the bus stop.
This time of year, in the mornings.
I see the school crossing guard.
He was told to stand on the South East Corner this year.
For years he was expected to stand on the South West Corner of the intersection
because that's where most of the children are, needing to cross the busy street
to get safely to school.

Now, he walks out into the street for me 
alerting traffic to stop . . .

hey, that's nifty.

Of course,
this crossing guard serves less children
because they come from the other direction on their way to the school
which is a few blocks further down the street.

The Guard was told to stand on this
new & improved side
Because he was stopping
("inconveniencing" - my word - not his)

The drivers felt it was unfair because they ALSO had to stop with the light
in front of the school.

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Anyone - Besides me - 
think this is bonkers?

The drivers believe their unbroken speed  is more important than the little bodies walking their way to elementary school?

just sayin'

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