Monday, September 19, 2011

"Before investigating, find no fault; 
examine first, then criticize. 
Before hearing, answer not, 
and interrupt no one in the middle of his speech. 
Dispute not about what is not your concern;
in the strife of the arrogant take no part..." 
- Sirach 11:7-9

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Wednesday was busy.
Tiny Tot Story Time
Torah Stories
(I'll have to retrieve some photos and tell you about the new class - they are delightful.)
and a class on Moses

then a friend gave me a ride
so I'd be on time 
to observe
 a class
that was
Was it a joke?
I kept thinking "stay cool"
until I have some kind of understanding.

How the heck
does one tactfully 
in these 
(less than stellar)

oh my.

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Crystal Mary said...

Very wise words which we could all do well to heed. xxxx