Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hear Our Cry

It's the 9th of Av
I think my heart will break.

My neighbor is washing her white plastic fence.
Using her hose 
water flows freely
making a little stream 
the birds enjoy.
This is lovely,
I am hearing stories
of families
walking 25 days,
40 days,
3 months
looking for help
the famine is so severe
they have nothing
and will surely die if they don't walk.

As they walk
their children drop and die along the way
there is not enough strength to carry
or bury their beautiful
They continue walking,
with a hope to find help enough to save children
still breathing.

They have nothing,
I see plenty here
can't manage even a cup
of refreshment
for those
still walking

those arriving
being told there are too many
Eternal One
hear my heart cry
amplify it
add it to the others
We need Your Help Now



Anonymous said...

Your words touched my heart.....

TheNote said...

Thank you for sharing with me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. How our hearts cry out to God for those who are helpless and without. I cried for Haiti...and for Joplin.....but there are places and people all over the world. We only know as we read and as we share burdens God places on our hearts.
God bless you.

SaraCampbell said...

Wow...I am not usually one for poetry, but that was absolutely beautiful!

Crystal Mary said...

We all need to read, think understand and GIVE...xxx

Anonymous said...

Crystal Mary ~
Yes GIVE! Give what we can, when we can......and when we think we can't, ask God for a way to give.