Thursday, August 04, 2011

An Interesting Rememberance

i was totally stunned
when, many years ago
I visited Salt River Cemetery
(Farmer City, Illinois)
to see  resting places of family members past

i remember clearly my Father's father
(actually i remember Both my Grandfathers
clearly and with a Lot of Love)
On seeing his headstone
I realized
I was not yet here
on earth
the same time as
 LeRoy Rock
(my Paternal Grandfather)

Although I have seen film footage
of the wonderful man
the films showed a pudgy,
fun loving, lively man
fishing and playing pranks in younger days
in Farmer City, Illinois

the grandfather i knew was frail
leaving the earth rather soon

I was not building a dream world using
archival, family footage

BUT, before he left
before i arrived
we spent quality time together
in Encino, California
in a formal house my parents owned for a while

I guess it's not uncommon,

How about you?
Have a remembrance built out of LOVE?

In researching, to see if i could find something for you,
I see "Maple Grove Cemetery."
I wonder what's up with this
I remember "Salt Creek" distinctly -
but, it doesn't seem to exist . . . (having a twilight zone moment . . . yikers!)

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