Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yehuda Suggests

We Follow Our Hearts

This is interesting to me
It must be I'm supposed to pay attention.
On e of the songs we did at
the Center for Spiritual Living
this week was
"True to Your Heart"

anyway, here's his quote:

It takes great courage to stand up for something, 
because the moment you decide you want to do good in this world, 
you are chased by forces looking to stop you. 
At any cost.

Be brave in the face of criticism and opposition. 
 Follow your heart, you’ll never get lost, and you will prevail.

love & love,


Sr. Ann Marie said...

This is a great quote and one that seems to have special meaning for me in recent months. It's especially hard when those who oppose and critize are the very ones you thought would support you!

TheNote said...

Thank you, Sister
I couldn't agree more.
love & love,

Nadya Avila Chant said...

Great quote. I think sometimes those negative forces cause us to second-guess and wonder whether in fact we are doing the right thing. Perhaps we can all keep in mind that these forces are merely a sign that we're working toward something important and worthy.

TheNote said...

Thanks Nadya Avila Chant -
that's exactly what my teachers used to tell me . . . must be Truth in it.
love & love,