Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is fun

a week or so ago i was in a dandy little bookstore
looking around.
On a bottom shelf
in a small basket
were some cassettes
they had been opened,
maybe they were "demos of days past"
looked like they'd been forgotten.
I found this:
notice crack in plastic case
One of the first copies of
"My Father's Child"
with my absolute dream band

Mike Lindauer
Andy Ploof
Blake Travis
John Wilson

my friends Jere & Mari Louis helped get this project into the light of day
it was recorded by Doug Rayborn

not long after it needed to be re-issued and the graphics changed 
so, copies like this one
rather hard to find.

It was sweet to find myself,
my past
good memories.



missdonna said...

This made me happy <3

TheNote said...

yeah, missdonna, - it made me happy, too . . . and, sometimes - moments of happy - are worth everything . . ya know??? love & love, -g-