Saturday, July 02, 2011

No Miriam . . . No Story

Early this morning we we gathered to study.
The talk went rapidly to the death of Aaron and Moses.
That's a little how it seemed in the text.

Miriam died, too.
I admit, it didn't seem as important the first time we read the story.
wait a minute.

Perhaps the people wail, cry and moan for a month
when Aaron leaves the earth.
Perhaps Moses leaving is the end of an entire era for the people.
Yeah, a lot of stories talk about Moses . . . .


When Miriam dies
the wells run dry
no water?
no water in the wilderness???

If you think for just a beat, you'll remember.
The story says there was
a decree all Hebrew babies should me killed.
Moses was a "good baby" - since babies are born neither "good" or "bad"
I gotta think he was one of those babies that was quiet, didn't cry so much
what do you think?

Moses and Jochebed
His mom (Yocheved) came up with a plan,
you remember, place baby in waterproofed basket

it was Miriam who ran along side the water,
watching out for her baby brother
it was Miriam who saw
the princess fall in love with this "good baby"
it was Miriam who recommended the perfect nurse for this baby
(keeping the family together - and the baby boy safe)

It was Miriam who lead the singing when they crossed the sea -
I figure she was the "official"
'Praise & Worship Leader"

 Miriam and women celebrate the crossing of the...

Don't you know - that's the "holy glue" of any service -

okay, maybe that's another story.

there are lots of stories
suggesting that water followed Miriam
everywhere in the Wilderness
taking care of/refreshing the wandering, complaining people for forty years

Doesn't say they made a big deal when she died.
 the water did
the water left.

No Miriam, No Story - that's what i suggest.

Now, it's true,
when the people freaked out about the water,
The Eternal One gave instruction - and once again
the people were provided for . .

Still, I think the water
(what does water suggest?
Life, we certainly need it for Life . .
Cleansing . . . which could suggest purifying?  -
okay, I'm reaching here . . .BUT:)
the water left with Miriam.

I'm just sayin' . . .

D'ya have anything to add?
Opinions are "a-okay with me."
love & love,
Another Miriam's Well Article  

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