Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Connecton? Re-Connection?

When we seek for connection, 
we restore the world to wholeness. 
Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful 
as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.
            -- Margaret Wheatley

 Okay, I've been having an interesting time 
studying sacred stories
of the world.

This has completely captured my attention for a few weeks.

There are plenty of stories
from all over the world
about Creation 
being ONE.

But, this was a challenge
while Creation
was Creating
the creations
(children of Creation)
could not know one another
them all being squished together in (and as)

there is a Story
from an ancient California Tribe
that tells us
Honored Elders sat in a circle
lit a pipe
and smoked tobacco.
They blew tobacco smoke between the earth and sky
to create some separation
so we could know one another
So we could Know Creation.

I wonder now
if we have blown too much smoke.
Perhaps we need to bring the Holy back,
Perhaps we need to remember
the ONE.

love & love,

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