Friday, July 08, 2011


I stopped by the library to return the books I borrowed.  My favorite branch is downtown.  That place is HUGE.  It's also being remodeled so, I went to my second favorite, which is on my way to many of the places i go, is nice, friendly, easy to get around, and besides, if i really want to borrow something in the system it will be sent to any library I choose.  Pretty good deal, don't ya think?

I needed to talk to a librarian because one of the books i borrowed is really old.  I was entirley grateful to have had it on extended loan.  Someone before me  (at least twelve years ago, because that's the last time anyone requested this book) had highlighted parts in pink.  I wanted to make sure i wasn't accused, since library privileges are precious to me.
I have a back log of books at home to read but, since i was there I thought I'd find something "just for fun.'
Our last library newsletter "Check It Out," had a list of travel books that appealed to me.  None of them are currently available, BUT they came from section 910.2  so, i went to peruse the shelf and returned with:
 I've only just begun - (Really!  last time i looked i was only on page 27) - But, it reminded me of some really fun times when i was a kid.  So, okay, okay, the author quit a job that was driving her bonks and decided to ride a bicycle across Spain.  Already in the country, with her bike, she takes a practice ride and discovers it is REALLY HARD.  (picture me laughing as i ride home on the bus.)

Once, a very long time ago, a friend decided she wanted to ride from Las Vegas, Nevada - (where we lived, ) to California and pedal along the Pacific Coast (which is beautiful.)    

We each purchased a Motobecane Bicycle and started riding most places around town.  

You have to picture two - very ROUND young ladies - on fancy bikes - pedaling through the streets of Las Vegas - land of card dealers, food servers, musicians, all wearing the professional black & while of the work force - land of statuesque show girls and tourists in bikinis, land of slot machines in super markets . . . yep - two little fat girls pretending we could pedal across two states.  My dad laughed so hard he cried.  He offered to give us a ride back if he could have the rights to film the adventure from Las Vegas to Pahrump (just a few miles outside Las Vegas.)

My brother claimed the bike and gave it to his lady friend - who promptly destroyed it.  I was heartbroken at the time but, now i think i might not have survived to type this today - or to finish the book i checked out which, I believe is gonna be a terrific read.
What are you reading????

Love & Love,

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LBJ said...

That sounds like an awesome book. I did some travelling in Spain last year on my Montague folding bike and had a great time. I bet the Pyrenees could be pretty tough on a bike though.