Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Shot-itis

Korach rallied his chums and formed a gang.
he made himself the leader
and they all became convinced that Korach 
was the best gang leader of all
that the "Korach Holiness gang"
was the ultimate.

One day, Korach, backed by "his people"
went to have a showdown.

He walked right up to Moses,
right in front of everyone
and asked,
"what makes you think you're so holy?
You aren't the boss of us."
Moses was pretty embarrassed.
He didn't want the job of 
guiding all these folks across the wilderness.
It wasn't his 'Dream job" 
and it sure wasn't easy.
People say his face looked like a stormy day.
When he calmed himself, Moses asked Korach
if he though it was easy
being responsible for all these people,
trying to guide them to holiness
trying to guide them to freedom
trying to give them 
their own possibilities.

(If you read the book of adventures
you'll see, it wasn't a joyride.)

Well, Korach started name calling
being kinda ugly in front of the entire assembly 
so, they decided to agree to disagree
and let the Holy One decide.

The next morning
Korach and all his gang members
lit incense
and started claiming to be the true and only
"Way to Holiness."

The Holy One
told every one who would listen
to "Step Back"
they weren't to have anything to do with this new gang,
they were to move away,
move their tents back
and, before getting out of the way,
if they had anything belonging to the Korach Crew
make sure to return in

Everyone listening to the Holy One
did exactly as they were told.

What a good thing, too
because there was a mighty rumbling
the earth split
and the entire camp
of Korach and Friends
were swallowed by the earth.


More Later.
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Buttercup said...

This is a wonderful telling of this story. Thanks!