Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hot Shot-itis (part 2)

As you can imagine
this event
(arguing over who was or wasn't holy and
people being swallowed by the earth)
This stuff is stressful.

The people got upset.
Many of them yelled at Moses,
saying it was all his fault.

They got themselves all worked up
and it made them sick.

The Holy One sent Aaron
(you remember Aaron?  
He's the 'Big Brother.')
Anyway, Aaron was sent out
with some great smelling incense
to stand in the middle of the people.

It says he stood between the living and the dead.
 this cured the people of a plague that had broken out.

after that
the Holy One asked each family group to get a walking stick
and write their names on them.

There were twelve big family groups,
so there were twelve cool looking staves
decorated with the names of each person in the family.

Then, the twelve staves 
(big walking sticks)
were gathered 
and taken into the Tent of Holiness
to make it "official"
(to kinda show off all this coolness)

 Aaron's staff
(walking stick)
started to bloom
it got leaves
and flowers 
and almonds
It was Beautiful to Look At.

After all this
the Holy One
began to teach them
how to dedicate themselves 
to serving others

Aaron and his family members weren't allowed to own much
they spent all their time
learning about holiness
and helping others
and the rest of the assembly did their best
to follow what the Holy One had told them
they fed
and provided 
for Aaron and his family

looking after everyone

while the people of the One
started to grow up

love & love,

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