Saturday, June 18, 2011

Every Service i attend I think "This is the Best Ever, I'll remember this day always."
The next service i attend, I think the same thing, for different reasons.
I wish I'd get the knack of this for everything in my life.
okay, okay - I'll just keep working on it.

I read a story today - that I've seen several time before. 
I suspect you've seen it, too.
It was a good reminder.
I don't remember it word for word.

It was about a successful young executive who went riding around in his bright red Jaguar.
he was going a bit over the speed limit, but he was mindful in the neighborhoods to watch for kids darting out between parked cars.

But, a brick came flying, seemingly out of nowhere -
bashing the passenger door and leaving a sizable dent.

The executive rapidly put the car into reverse and found the culprit.  
Jumping out of his car he grabbed the youngster and started to holler.  
"Did you see that dent?  It's gonna cost a lot of money to fix my car!!!

The boy was crying,  "It was the only way i could think to stop your car.  
My brother fell out of his wheel chair and he's too heavy. 
i can't lift him back in.  Please, I need your help."

The executive immediately went to lift the brother back into his chair.  
Tears streamed down his eyes for miles and he determined to leave his car in disrepair to remind him.

I'm hoping it doesn't take a brick to get my attention.

hey, thank you for stopping by. 
It's good to have your company along this journey.
love & love,


Anonymous said...

Made me misty.

It would never take a brick to get your attention!

Love to you...C

Crystal Mary said...

Hey Georgy, What a blessing you are. I hope I don't need to get a hit with a brick to notice the needy close by. I guess sometimes I may. I remember often going across the road from a hospital I worked in to have a rest and a coffee.. One lady who I recognised as a cleaner where I worked was always there, sitting watching everyone. I regret that I never invited her to be with me..she was no doubt lonely. How could I have neglected her? I pray she isn't lonely and I pray she finds Jesus. xx