Friday, June 17, 2011

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.
           -- John Kenneth Galbraith

I have been listening to a lecture series
"Between Cross and Crescent: 
Jewish Civilization from Mohammed to Spinoza"
Professor David B. Rudderman

This is the second course I've taken from this teacher.
It's so full of information
so much for me to consider
so many answers to stuff i just couldn't comprehend
while i was a student in Brooklyn

  Here's something i can't get through my noggin
My mother used to loose stuff
her car keys, her sunglasses

I know a guy who forgets about things
i would have thought
doesn't seem to worry him a bit

So, why or how
has mankind held on to limited
destructive ideas
for hundreds of years?

oooh, i got a lot of learnin' to do.

I'm sending you love,
I'm thanking you in advance for your comments
and, especially for your company on this journey
we share


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Clarence Heller said...

Why hold onto painful destructive ideas? Not to get too theological (and not to pretend that I actually have an answer), but perhaps the answer is original sin (or ego, human brokenness, etc.).

I understand the journey to be one of growing into greater freedom to love, an individual one, but also a communal, cosmic journey unfolding over millenia. As our consciousness (awareness) increases, we come to see all is connected. Hopefully we come to see that for something to truly be good for one, it must be good for all.

TheNote said...

Clarence, thank you very much!
love & love,