Saturday, June 11, 2011

Broadway Bean

I haven't been to visit my friends Larry & Vesna in almost a year.
Oh how i have missed them.
 Oh what fun we had every week.
When Fall came around i had classes on Tuesday
I'm on summer break
I took a new bus route to Carondelet
the streets have been redesigned and everything looks beautiful
I didn't call before going
so it was a surprise when i came through the door
singing a story time song

The place is every more inviting than before
(which is hard to imagine)
This is the place
I told you about
that it would be worth it to fly from Brazil
just for the latte

if you have the time,
Do yourself a favor 
and visit my friends

You may return home with some breath taking art
if not
You'll return home with happy feelings
and new friends

love & love,

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Anonymous said...

I am sold!