Friday, May 27, 2011

Tibetan endless knot

 I was taught to keep silent.
I was taught
Inner Silence
 leads to spiritual strength.
I successfully
practiced this wisdom
for many years

Arriving here
I was good for the first, maybe ten years

people complained.
People became mean spirited 
when i did not conform to their desires

I tried to walk a considerate path
and shared as much as possible
But, no matter how much
I said
or gave away freely
people still complained
the more i gave
the angrier they became

What's up with that, i wonder?

Eventually, compromising what i knew to be true
I allowed those complainers
to take away everything

I was left without
even the minimum to keep myself

 angry people continue
to try taking what i no longer have to offer.

I have no complaints.
(it was my own error)
The Principles still apply
 every need has been supplied
with skills and understanding
have arrived to hold me up
assist me to stand again

I have entered back into the Holy Silence
that was once my home
I have been welcomed home
I'm once again Safe, Secure and Satisfied

Life is beginning to flow again

like barnacles off a ship
the refuse that still clings
is being removed
with only as much force as is necessary

Today i read this from Yehuda Berg:
Yehuda Berg in Punta del Este - iPad as Spirit...
Sometimes saying nothing
is more powerful than saying something.
Today, ask yourself, 
“What’s more effective - 
speaking  or shutting up?”

The one that masters their mouth, masters their spiritual path.

perfect reminder
lovely thought
I pass it along to you.

love & love,

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