Sunday, May 08, 2011

Use your imagination not to scare yourself to death but to inspire yourself to life.
            -- Adele Brookman
On Tuesday Evening I attended a talk at Bais Abraham 
on Delmar, here in the University City Loop
(I'm in the Saint Louis Area)
It was well attended
the subject  was 
Orthodox Ladies saying the Orphans Prayer
How delightful it is to see
ladies reasoning with their community

I was taught we did not count 
(or attend) a minyan
 minyan - ten or more people needed for community prayer
used to mean ten men
where i attend it means ten people
I shall continue to learn/understand about ways 
we/the family of man
connect with the Holy and each other
I shall continue to seek God
the understanding of my heart
in all the ways that call to me

Yesterday all of the educators at school
were given a huge treat 
after classes
we were invited to learn about liturgy and law
from one of our own experts
We had the opportunity to look closely
at the Shabbat Morning Order of Service

it was wonderful.

let's adventure into other traditions
in learning about each other
we shall surely turn into
our own possibility

what do you think?

love & love,


Buttercup said...

Sounds very interesting. I am not familiar with the Orphan's Prayer, but will look it up. I was raised that woman do count towards a minyan and am glad that I can fulfill that responsibility.
Have a bright and blessed week!

Buttercup said...

Never heard Kaddish called the Orphan's Prayer, though it certainly makes sense. Cheers across the miles!