Friday, May 27, 2011

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Many men can make a fortune but very few can build a family.
            -- J. S. Bryan

It wasn't that long ago
(October 3rd, 2010)
That my Pops was saying goodbye

when i had no family
no connection
on this planet
He stepped up and offered me a sense of belonging

It worked
it worked well.

My Pops and i learned and made a difference
first in our own lives
then, in the lives of others.

But, on that day
Pops was saying goodbye
He loves me forever
But from some other place

We were both grateful for the congregation
that adopted me
It's the first place EVER
I belong
Exactly me
It's the first place i can grow, be me, extend myself
be happy
 and safe
and genuinely liked
with no reserve . . . . 

My Pops gave me family
My congregation offers me the same
offers me
sukkot shalom
a Shelter of Peace

I miss my Pops
I find comfort in "my" congregation
I hope you have the same wherever you are

If not,
You are welcome to join us

Sending You Love

Looking forward to a time when we not only sing
but live the thought . . . 

"Because We Are All Family . . . "

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