Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happiness is when what you think, 
what you say, 
and what you do are in harmony.
            -- Mahatma Gandhi

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I am the most fortunate lady.
A few months ago
smack in the middle of a dilema
I was offered the opportunity to look closely
and choose again

This brought me a smidgen closer to 
brighter, happier, more free
(and safer)

Through the same "speaking spirit"
( same source, same person)
similar opportunity
has arrived

I am thrilled
I need time to listen for the correct answer

If you KNEW you were facing another "fork in the road"
(so to speak)
and that whatever answer you choose
(or whichever direction you choose to take)
is okay
you get to live with the choice for awhile

just maybe
it's wise to sit silently
for just a moment


Since i KNOW I am always wishing you the very best
I am certain you are doing the same with & for me

(which is why i share)

 I'm thanking you now
for the LOVE, Energy, Prayers
and support
you offer 
all along our shared journeys.

Today I meant to tell you a little about  how i began to post this blog.
I think I'll begin that sharing in a day or two
(in case you wanted to know)

because one story seems to connect with another

hmmm - is that always the way???

I'd enjoy hearing about your adventures, you know.

love & love,

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