Friday, April 08, 2011


So, many of you recognize me - because i generally have my face in a book.
I have a small stack of "just because" books that I carry, one at a time - with me when i ride the bus.

Last Fall, i think, there was a used book sale at the Brodsky Library.
(love this place)
and, I added a few more books to my stack, at the grand price of 50 cents each.
I finished this:
on Wednesday, on the way to shul.
I tried my best to make it last as long as possible.
I had not read a book quite like it before.
It was filled with magical kind of thinking,
and was/is a story about Jewish family in Iran -
eventually in California.

My timing was off
because i finished on the way
and was "book-less" riding home that evening.

So, i enjoyed the view

I didn't dream I'd find anything as nifty
But, sure enough
I put the next 50 cent wonder in my traveling around bag
and started reading

i just noticed you can find a used copy for a penny

This is a book
set in 1601 - Prague
filled with many of the magnificent stories i learned in school
I've only just begun
(okay, i read a lot - so, once begun, I'm almost done)
you can picture me happy 
with my nose in this book, too.

What are YOU reading these days?

Sending You a Lot of Love,

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