Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enormous Lift From My Friends

I've received such a super surprise.
From A Hero and Gentleman

Has produced a Humongous Event in Las Vegas
(otherwise known as 'home.')

It's the Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall of Fame
Concert and Induction Ceremony
on May 1st

That in itself is marvelous
Among many other talented people
I've been remembered

Here's the tiniest blurb:
Michael P Selinsky:
Georgy Rock will be Inducted into Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall of Fame at the Induction Ceremony and Concert, Henderson Pavilion, May 1. She was the lead singer, and recording artist, London Fog, 1968-1969, and winner of the 'Rhythm and Soul Competition' Las Vegas.

In case you want to attend: 

Here's an official poster:

Michael P. Selinsky is a retired high school teacher 
He's touched the lives of the future
He's brought together our past

My friends,
we have been touched by a hero.

(color me grateful)

1 comment:

Sr Crystal Mary said...

If its as good as the poster it will be awesome..I live in Australia but I hope many attend. Blessings to you..