Friday, March 25, 2011

We enjoyed two very different discussions this morning.
The first hour we learned so much more about Mikvah than I'd ever imagined.
And i was encouraged to learn
about a place near Boston
where they study
and reclaim
and redefine
They have a new blog
but today that link wasn't available.

The second hour we studied 
"A Theology About Prayer."
Now, this is a topic i LOVE

so, here's the deal
we get to learn a bit about the progression of human thinking/belief
about whatever topic we are on
(so, today, prayer)

this great group of people enjoy sharing
which makes learning fun
because we all have our own beliefs, customs
when it comes to prayer
some of us feel strongly
although we were learning a human progression across a couple thousand years
(or more)
we were challenged to keep our own perspectives calmly to ourselves
(don't you just love it when people are happy to share?)

We read a piece from the Talmud
(Rosh Hashanah 18a)
and it had thoughts like:

People praying identical prayers
some are answered and some are not

Some answers might be:

one person prayed a complete prayer
and one person prayed an incomplete prayer.

(so, okay - if i put myself in here for a moment
I think an incomplete prayer would be forgetting to say 'thank you.'
I always want to add, for the kind of people who just send a 'shout out' when they are in trouble
it might be we need a relationship
I mean, if you just have a friend - a real friendship with someone
you would love them, have fun with them
be glad to be in their company
and one day you show up and ask for a quarter
or a sandwich
they would be happy to provide that for you
and even more
Wouldn't the Holy One be even more like that
I mean
even if you don't think the Creator as 'person-like'
even if you think the Divine is 'principle-like'
couldn't it be similar?)

Okay, Okay
here's the next cool thought

One person added to the conversationthat the unanswered prayer was said
after the decree.

(here i am again - is it possible a person would wait until the entire 'event' was over, concluded
before shouting up to the Eternal?  A common way to understand this would be to have a car accident.
maybe the car has smashed into the back of another car and done a bit of damage
and when the driver of the other car
or a peace officer comes to ask for identification and an insurance card
suddendly a person prays there will magically be an insurance card in the glove box
although they have never had insurance
they just "pray" for a magic insurance card to be there
then they think - or suspect the Holy One has ignored them.
I know, my imagination works a little overtime
no one would drive without insurance.)

So, there was still one more thought in this text
no matter what
it's always good to pray
whenever a person decides to do it
even if they never get an answer

It's always good to pray

So, what do you think?
waiting to read your comments.
love & love,

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