Monday, March 14, 2011

Today's 23rd/House of Love

Terrific Tuesday Morning Conversations with Celeste
I started to remember the year 2000 (doesn't that seem such a long time ago?)
I had been very ill.  Walking was, well - let's say it like it was -
It had been suggested i would spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair.
Not such a big thing,
but I got stubborn and would NOT get in it when presented
Because it wasn't cute.
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There were other physical issues physicians were concerned about
Because i kept trying, working towards wholeness
My inspired oncologist
suggested an arthritis class at the YWCA
at first i was frightened, you know, thinking about oneself alone
a person can get off track, shy, afraid of something new
(I bet this happens to other people)
I was ashamed of being physically challenged.
(Lesson to learn there, hum?)

Well, on my first day I met a lady named ROSE
She was cheerful and friendly, showing me where to go,
suggesting i go down the two flights of stairs ahead of her
because she was slow
(Here, I'd been thinking i was the one with the "problem.")
I started to hum a melody I didn't know, little snippets of song to keep me
moving, carefully, holding the rail, leaning on the wall
one step at a time
Rose and i got to the dressing room
where she knew EVERYONE
there were a lot of ladies
all older than me
already in their swim suits
(Did i tell you this arthritis class was in the water?
Oh yes!  It was wet, splashy, giggly fun)
Thing was
In their swim suits
it was easy-peasy for me to "Get-Over-Myself" Rapidly
and forever
(at least on this point)
Their physical challenges were out there for all of us to see
to learn from
a room of women warriors
ready to take life on and make it GOOD.
Inside myself i kept humming this melody
after the first few moments in class
I was in heaven with the fun
and the freedom 
of it all

Walking started to improve
and now, as long as i watch where I'm going, I'm good to go
very seldom does anyone notice I ever had an issue
(except for my fingers - which are cute and expressively crooked
and STILL refuse to play guitar - which is an issue for another day)

So, this melody kept me company
an inner rythmn for walking
until one day
I asked inside mySelf
if there were words.

It turned out I wanted to remember the 23rd Psalm
the poem wrote itSelf

When i went to record it
(It's on a CD I released late 2004)
I started doing the necessary research

Turned out it was/is an ancient Gaelic melody
and it's more than okay to use it
So, I "georgy-ized" it
to suit my imagination
and cemented the moment

Celeste's favorite (so far)
is the "Georgy March"

which is a local favorite because we march around the room singing at top volume
about our Possibilities
"Today's 23rd/House of Love"
makes her smile
that's good enough for me.

It's in the sidebar on this page.
Lots of friends came to sing the day we recorded it
sent to you
from my 

love & love,

ps- YES!  There IS an elevator at our local YWCA
If you're determined to become your "personal best"
just like Rose & I
you might want to take the stairs
even if you're feeling

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post G!

You are one determined lady. Never never never give up!

Love you!