Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marginalized People

It's Spring Break
But i guess it's time for some of us to extend our learning
I could use your help

See, i think there are no accidents
so i MUST consider it a Divine Happening
that today, while riding the bus to and from a haircut
I read a well written article
about the Cherokee Nation
and the way they were dealt with in our history

It was extra interesting to me because
one of my grandfathers was Cherokee
(yes, yes, I'm a mutt - didn't i tell you? 
People claimed i was a "Heinz 57 Variety" - 
Or an "American Mutt"
it was not an issue in my life, really
until this Century. 
But, that's another story.)

that's how Andrew Jackson learned the word "savages" was a limitation in thinking
but, when gold was discovered
it was easy enough to
throw away my grandfather's people

Then, i saw a 1934 Black & White film
"Imitation of Life"

I wonder if the film was "colorized" later
the poster sure is

I remember seeing this film when i was little
I remembered parts of it
and forgot entirely other parts

When the film ended i looked up
"Aunt Jemimah"

Did you ever taste Aunt Jemimah Pancakes?

So many peoples of the world
taken advantage of
left without enough

I've written this post
before i could pull together the thoughts i need to make some kind of sense

maybe you can help?

Why do you think this happens?

Is there something we/I can do to make this place better for everyone?
if there is
(something i can do)


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