Thursday, March 17, 2011

I always get a giggle out of the first female line in the musical 
It's a prayer
The FantasticksImage via Wikipedia

"Dear Lord, Don't Let Me Be Normal"

I must admit to using that idea most of my life
well you see what happened
No Normalcy Here

(Normal = Whatever that is, hm?)

Then, there's the idea of "Perfection"
There's a quote for that, too

"Perfection is far too limiting."

When we think of our favorite singers, it's the "imperfections" in their voices
that speaks to us, it's how we recognize them on the radio.

Nondominant seventh chords are, Image via Wikipedia

and, yeah, I've got no perfection, either.

Giggle and Hoot (TV series)Image via Wikipedia

I once saw a cartoon that suggested mediocrity was far more difficult
it showed a character kicking a ball exactly the same distance as his opponent
angering the betting crowd . . . .
cartoonist humor - but, I learned a lot form it
(no mediocrity here, either . . oh well.)

Today I read a message from Yehuda
the last bit said:

"Don't Be Average.

Today, put your trust in a force higher than your logic.  
You may not know exactly where it wants to take you,
but you can be certain that if you trust,
it will be the right place."

I got a lot of trust goin' on
a feeling of wandering in good places.

How about you?

love & love,

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