Thursday, March 31, 2011

" . . . if we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would no be so welcome."
- - Ann Bradstreet

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OOOOOH, This is a Good Quote:

The greatest pleasure in life
is doing what people say you cannot do.
            -- Walter Bagehot

living prayers in my backyard

Monday, March 28, 2011

May you sing like no one is listening

Got My Blinders On - Ready to Go

Judgment invades your life when you judge others. 
To avoid this invitation to negativity, 
stop focusing on others’ faults, 
and start paying attention to their strengths.

Today, be a horse with blinders.  
See only the good.  
This is a great secret for inviting more success into your life.

- - yb

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marginalized People

It's Spring Break
But i guess it's time for some of us to extend our learning
I could use your help

See, i think there are no accidents
so i MUST consider it a Divine Happening
that today, while riding the bus to and from a haircut
I read a well written article
about the Cherokee Nation
and the way they were dealt with in our history

It was extra interesting to me because
one of my grandfathers was Cherokee
(yes, yes, I'm a mutt - didn't i tell you? 
People claimed i was a "Heinz 57 Variety" - 
Or an "American Mutt"
it was not an issue in my life, really
until this Century. 
But, that's another story.)

that's how Andrew Jackson learned the word "savages" was a limitation in thinking
but, when gold was discovered
it was easy enough to
throw away my grandfather's people

Then, i saw a 1934 Black & White film
"Imitation of Life"

I wonder if the film was "colorized" later
the poster sure is

I remember seeing this film when i was little
I remembered parts of it
and forgot entirely other parts

When the film ended i looked up
"Aunt Jemimah"

Did you ever taste Aunt Jemimah Pancakes?

So many peoples of the world
taken advantage of
left without enough

I've written this post
before i could pull together the thoughts i need to make some kind of sense

maybe you can help?

Why do you think this happens?

Is there something we/I can do to make this place better for everyone?
if there is
(something i can do)


Friday, March 25, 2011

We enjoyed two very different discussions this morning.
The first hour we learned so much more about Mikvah than I'd ever imagined.
And i was encouraged to learn
about a place near Boston
where they study
and reclaim
and redefine
They have a new blog
but today that link wasn't available.

The second hour we studied 
"A Theology About Prayer."
Now, this is a topic i LOVE

so, here's the deal
we get to learn a bit about the progression of human thinking/belief
about whatever topic we are on
(so, today, prayer)

this great group of people enjoy sharing
which makes learning fun
because we all have our own beliefs, customs
when it comes to prayer
some of us feel strongly
although we were learning a human progression across a couple thousand years
(or more)
we were challenged to keep our own perspectives calmly to ourselves
(don't you just love it when people are happy to share?)

We read a piece from the Talmud
(Rosh Hashanah 18a)
and it had thoughts like:

People praying identical prayers
some are answered and some are not

Some answers might be:

one person prayed a complete prayer
and one person prayed an incomplete prayer.

(so, okay - if i put myself in here for a moment
I think an incomplete prayer would be forgetting to say 'thank you.'
I always want to add, for the kind of people who just send a 'shout out' when they are in trouble
it might be we need a relationship
I mean, if you just have a friend - a real friendship with someone
you would love them, have fun with them
be glad to be in their company
and one day you show up and ask for a quarter
or a sandwich
they would be happy to provide that for you
and even more
Wouldn't the Holy One be even more like that
I mean
even if you don't think the Creator as 'person-like'
even if you think the Divine is 'principle-like'
couldn't it be similar?)

Okay, Okay
here's the next cool thought

One person added to the conversationthat the unanswered prayer was said
after the decree.

(here i am again - is it possible a person would wait until the entire 'event' was over, concluded
before shouting up to the Eternal?  A common way to understand this would be to have a car accident.
maybe the car has smashed into the back of another car and done a bit of damage
and when the driver of the other car
or a peace officer comes to ask for identification and an insurance card
suddendly a person prays there will magically be an insurance card in the glove box
although they have never had insurance
they just "pray" for a magic insurance card to be there
then they think - or suspect the Holy One has ignored them.
I know, my imagination works a little overtime
no one would drive without insurance.)

So, there was still one more thought in this text
no matter what
it's always good to pray
whenever a person decides to do it
even if they never get an answer

It's always good to pray

So, what do you think?
waiting to read your comments.
love & love,

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Pablo Picasso 1962Image via Wikipedia

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Step by Step

I think it was once a Union Song
But i always thought in terms of our growth 
when i sang this:

(let's all dance & sing along)

"Step by step the longest march
can be won
can be won
Many stones can build an arch
singly none
singly none
And by union what we will
Can be accomplished still
Many drops can turn a mill
singly none
singly none."

"Spiritual people aren’t perfect.  Just improving, bit by bit, every day."
--Yehuda Berg 

how does the saying go?
something like a journey begins with a single step . . . ?
Okay then, let's keep walkin'

love & love,

Monday, March 21, 2011

R. Berg:

" . . . the soul is part of God,
like a stone chipped from a mountain
where both are the same essence,
except one is the part
and the other
is the whole"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

beautiful sharing from my friend . . . .

Here’s a story nobody Knows



I always get a giggle out of the first female line in the musical 
It's a prayer
The FantasticksImage via Wikipedia

"Dear Lord, Don't Let Me Be Normal"

I must admit to using that idea most of my life
well you see what happened
No Normalcy Here

(Normal = Whatever that is, hm?)

Then, there's the idea of "Perfection"
There's a quote for that, too

"Perfection is far too limiting."

When we think of our favorite singers, it's the "imperfections" in their voices
that speaks to us, it's how we recognize them on the radio.

Nondominant seventh chords are, Image via Wikipedia

and, yeah, I've got no perfection, either.

Giggle and Hoot (TV series)Image via Wikipedia

I once saw a cartoon that suggested mediocrity was far more difficult
it showed a character kicking a ball exactly the same distance as his opponent
angering the betting crowd . . . .
cartoonist humor - but, I learned a lot form it
(no mediocrity here, either . . oh well.)

Today I read a message from Yehuda
the last bit said:

"Don't Be Average.

Today, put your trust in a force higher than your logic.  
You may not know exactly where it wants to take you,
but you can be certain that if you trust,
it will be the right place."

I got a lot of trust goin' on
a feeling of wandering in good places.

How about you?

love & love,

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"There is no room for God
in the man who is filled with himself."

                                        - - Baal Shem Tov

Signature of Israel Baal Shem Tov.
(Signature of Israel Baal Shem Tov)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Currently Playing (in my room) - "Mistico Mediterraneo"

Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons,
and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body.
          - - Oliver Wendell Holmes 

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Today's 23rd/House of Love

Terrific Tuesday Morning Conversations with Celeste
I started to remember the year 2000 (doesn't that seem such a long time ago?)
I had been very ill.  Walking was, well - let's say it like it was -
It had been suggested i would spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair.
Not such a big thing,
but I got stubborn and would NOT get in it when presented
Because it wasn't cute.
Modern wheelchairImage via Wikipedia

There were other physical issues physicians were concerned about
Because i kept trying, working towards wholeness
My inspired oncologist
suggested an arthritis class at the YWCA
at first i was frightened, you know, thinking about oneself alone
a person can get off track, shy, afraid of something new
(I bet this happens to other people)
I was ashamed of being physically challenged.
(Lesson to learn there, hum?)

Well, on my first day I met a lady named ROSE
She was cheerful and friendly, showing me where to go,
suggesting i go down the two flights of stairs ahead of her
because she was slow
(Here, I'd been thinking i was the one with the "problem.")
I started to hum a melody I didn't know, little snippets of song to keep me
moving, carefully, holding the rail, leaning on the wall
one step at a time
Rose and i got to the dressing room
where she knew EVERYONE
there were a lot of ladies
all older than me
already in their swim suits
(Did i tell you this arthritis class was in the water?
Oh yes!  It was wet, splashy, giggly fun)
Thing was
In their swim suits
it was easy-peasy for me to "Get-Over-Myself" Rapidly
and forever
(at least on this point)
Their physical challenges were out there for all of us to see
to learn from
a room of women warriors
ready to take life on and make it GOOD.
Inside myself i kept humming this melody
after the first few moments in class
I was in heaven with the fun
and the freedom 
of it all

Walking started to improve
and now, as long as i watch where I'm going, I'm good to go
very seldom does anyone notice I ever had an issue
(except for my fingers - which are cute and expressively crooked
and STILL refuse to play guitar - which is an issue for another day)

So, this melody kept me company
an inner rythmn for walking
until one day
I asked inside mySelf
if there were words.

It turned out I wanted to remember the 23rd Psalm
the poem wrote itSelf

When i went to record it
(It's on a CD I released late 2004)
I started doing the necessary research

Turned out it was/is an ancient Gaelic melody
and it's more than okay to use it
So, I "georgy-ized" it
to suit my imagination
and cemented the moment

Celeste's favorite (so far)
is the "Georgy March"

which is a local favorite because we march around the room singing at top volume
about our Possibilities
"Today's 23rd/House of Love"
makes her smile
that's good enough for me.

It's in the sidebar on this page.
Lots of friends came to sing the day we recorded it
sent to you
from my 

love & love,

ps- YES!  There IS an elevator at our local YWCA
If you're determined to become your "personal best"
just like Rose & I
you might want to take the stairs
even if you're feeling

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

A gift from Ted Hering

Every time i see photos of my family
(the one in the hat is my dad)
I realize i came to be mySelf

Wonderful Day to You!
Love & Love,

Friday, March 04, 2011

Team Spokesperson

This was fun.
Last Tuesday we finished a three week study on the question:
"Is Torah the Revealed Word of God?"

I enjoy discussions like these.  It's much easier here than it was in Brooklyn.  There are interested, interesting people in the class and we've come to discover (AND everyone is willing to share.)
We had the opportunity to look into diverse opinions - so, everyone was ultimately encouraged to think and have their own opinion.

In the past i have been in situations where the discussion was so passionate it became frightening.  Once i was actually afraid someone might be thrown out a window - although it was more the emotional climate of the room and not the actuality of the situation - it just FELT super intense.  Under those circumstances - thought exploration and free thinking are NOT encouraged.  I guess that's why i enjoy these classes so much.  We learn about a wide variety of opinion - and think for ourselves.

Back to our class.

The very end of the third day we got to consider differing ideas by discussing the question:
"Is it alright to drive our car to services on the Sabbath?"

We were asked to work in teams, every team was given readings covering one perspective.  My team got "Orthodox."  After we read the assignment we huddled together and what was rapidly decided was . . (yikes!) . . I was to be our spokesperson.

I know, i know - I present for a living so what's the big deal, right?  Except, the school i attended a few years ago considered me the outsider . . . (does every group have one?  What's up with that, do you think?)  I've become a little anxious - since i have such a right brain and inclusive attitude . . . . hmmmm

STILL - this time it was fun.

We learned (in this case) it is NOT okay to drive our car on the Sabbath (Shabbat to us.)
It is also not okay to ride a donkey - BUT - driving a car is even more not okay.

So - there's spark and combustion - the thing about fire" - See, there is a list of actions we should not participate in - because we are supposed to rest.  (It's supposed to be a good thing, a gift to humanity, actually) - These are things we did when building the Tabernacle so the Holy One had a tent among us.  We lit and put out fires . . SO, on a day of rest, we should not light or extinguish fires (because we get to rest . . . )  We light candles right before the Sabbath - and we light candles right after . . but, during - we rest (like the Holy One rested.)

Then, when someone says - "I moved and it's too far to walk."
The response would be "You are the one who moved so far away.  Walk, or stay home, OR move to a place where you will find new community."

Then someone might ask, "what if I've gone on vacation?"  Then, the response would be, stay where you are and remember the Holy One Rested.

BUT - it is NOT okay to drive the car.

Other teams (with their different assignments) had other answers - and, my community?
Our parking lot is ALWAYS FULL.

Okay, okay - no matter what you believe about the primary question - and/or what you do about driving - let me give a personal insight, so you won't worry or think you have to change you current behavior -
the Holy One did not mention Motor Vehicles from Sinai.  (I bet you knew that,)

It was a fun learning time. 

Love & Love to You,

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