Monday, February 07, 2011

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I'm working on a few ideas - that will surely connect themselves in a bit -

The first thing - this keeps going through my thinking this morning :

Joy is not a feeling - it's a FORCE
Love is not a feeling - it's a FORCE

(I've known this for a long time, but today - it seems important to think about . . . )

Then there was a merchant - just a clip on the media a few days ago - He sells lovely cloth in a side street - where poorer people have their shops in Egypt (Cairo.)  A reporter was kind enough to give us a story about people there ,and their lives.  The rallies a few blocks away has really slowed business - and, this man's business is already tiny - Still he cares for a large family, having five children at home.  We were told, in a good month, he may take home the equivalent of $100. a month.  (ouch)

The merchant said:  "We are in-between God's Hands."
(Like our saying, this is in God's Hands.)

I continue to think of this good man - and the many other families in Egypt, in the world -
I am looking for Love to be Victorious.

Then, the quote that wanted me to look twice this morning is:
A tough lesson in life that one has to learn is that not everybody wishes you well.
            -- Dan Rather

yep, sometimes we just have to shake to dust off our sandals and keep going, hm?

I look forward to your sharing.
Love & Love,

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Anonymous said...

I've been i Egypt last summer and I think that, even they are not so rich they have something that we haven't. Because they are always happy and cordialy. Every time you enter in a shop they offer you what they can, a coffee or a tea. And, what surprise me is that they spoke with you, something that here it's impossible. Here, if you buy something they are kindly, but they are not so interested in it. It's a different mind. I've spoke with a lot of people and all are so kinly that was impossible not to buy something! Thats why I would like to return, and I also hope this situation come to a pacific end :) and they obtein what they want.
xoxo FF