Monday, February 28, 2011


Something Major happened 
You know, one of those things that indicates
a "break through"

To mark the occasion
(a mini-celebration of sorts)
I found a stone
that simply caught my attention

is it ever blue.

It's an Azurite
which i THOUGHT was a green
beautiful green-ish
sort of stone.

This is
a real statement


I'm wearing it
right at this very moment.

here's an Azurite Photo
yeah, it's THAT kind of BLUE.
But, it's on a chain
around my neck
I hope I've really learned this lesson
and begin traveling on
towards the NEXT ADVENTURE

I hope I don't have to tackle another "learning experience" like this one
for a very l-o-n-g time

Or, I forget
how graceless I felt going through that last bit

(behind us now . . ta-daaa!!!)

Here's what Wikipedia says about Azurite

I haven't decided what I say about it, yet - 
only that it's pretty
and reminds me
how grateful I am

So, I've been told we should be willing to develop ourselves
(spiritually.  I've also been told this isn't so easy . . . hm)
if we've done a proper job of it
our "first self"
won't recognize the self we become

we'll be transformed

another "hmmm" from the maggid

got any stories of transformation to share?
any recent "wins" to celebrate?
Sending you LOVE,


Anonymous said...

YOU are sooooooo awesome!!!

I am so happy to be your friend!

Love you! CCC...C are Classy

Clarence Heller said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

I just returned from Costa Rica and saw some amazingly beautiful blue birds and butterflies.

Makes me grateful for the gift of eyesight and being able to see in color.

Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Georgy Mate, So beautiful!! I love this colour blue, and all the swirly colours of it also. xxx
Crystal xx