Sunday, February 06, 2011

Let Me Be A Sanctuary

This wonderful lady is our rabbi.

So, Saturday Morning
School was canceled, but after i arrived.
I think this was a good thing
or i would have missed the gifts of the day.

First, there was Family Service.
Rabbi Talve did the story
in the most perfect way.

It's the time of year we talk about the tabernacle in the desert.
A Sanctuary.
Rabbi Talve asked us
"How were we going to do this?"
So, she has all the children get in the center of the circle.
All the children we happy to pile into the middle of the circle.
Then, she had all the grown-ups form a circle around the children and lock arms.

"There!"  she said, "We've built a sanctuary for our children.
But, what will we put into this sanctuary
What qualities do we want out children to always have?"

Going around the circle, every adult said what they were pouring into the sanctuary
to help the children
Qualities they should all have.

Every adult had a different gift for the sanctuary.
Peace, Joy, Good Treats, Learning
On & On went the gifts.
Every Good Thing.

Then, our rabbi said,
"After many years the children grew up and joined the circle.
The children became adults and helped us all walk to the Land of Promise."

All the children stood in the circle alongside their parents.
 And we sang a song
about becoming a Sanctuary.

Children in Jerusalem.Image via Wikipedia

Then, even though school was canceled because we had so much snow.
The service was packed.
i got to share with a lady who had never visited us before.
It totally made my day.

Rabbi Moshe FeinsteinImage via Wikipedia

Sometimes i think of our time together as a
a Holy Shelter for the Heart.
Thank you for that.

Love & Love,
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