Friday, February 18, 2011

City of the Angels

I always enjoy telling people I'm from the "City of the Angels."
I'm not exactly sure what that makes me,
when there's a song wishing all the ladies could be California Girls . . .
well, that's me, for sure . .
(which always makes me giggle, because that's NOT what the guys mean when they sing those lyrics.)

Anyway, I just finished this book:

Angels DO come up a couple of times
It isn't the focus of the story by any stretch
 when Angels come up
the answer seems to be
there are principalities and powers.

Having finished one book, i simply pick up another from the book stack I've got waiting for me to read . . .
I didn't choose the one that's been sitting the longest
because I have one that was mentioned in class a couple of weeks ago.
One of our teachers also heads up a book discussion once a month.
I can't attend, because I'm working on that day -
BUT, when he mentioned this title, i wrote it down.
So, NOW I'm reading:

Wouldn't you know it
The beginning of the family history has the author looking for information about his grandfather
who was known for
speaking with angels.

Now, i don't know about you
for me
it always seems there's a Divine Thread running through my life
Including the books i read while riding the bus.

This thought makes me happy.
Even if it ISN'T the focus of anything in particular - today, finding angels, is a fun thing.

(giggling about her book choices)

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Clarence Heller said...

I believe that if we welcome the awareness, we can come to realize that angels are with us, and even more, that we are invited to be angels to others.

Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Gorgy,there was a Pastor in Boise Idaho who spoke with angels. He has since gone to be with the Lord. His name was Roland Buck and his book is, "Assignment of Angels.."
I don't think we fully realise how they help and guide us. I came through a very hard first marriage. One evening while laying on the lounge watching TV I was 'told' tow angels follo me where ever I go...Their names are Goodness and Mercy.
In the 23rd Palm it says, "surely Goodness and Mercy will follow you, all the days of your life.
SO now I understand that verse..
God Bless. CM xxx