Thursday, February 17, 2011

"we all make mistakes"

That's what our teacher said.  "We all make mistakes."  He was talking about the "Golden Calf" escapade.
Do you remember the story?
Moses went up the mountain to talk with the Holy One and while he (Moses) was gone, the people melted all the gold they'd brought with them and made a 'golden calf' - you know - some kind of statue - and, when Moses was coming down the mountain from the Holy Retreat he'd been on, coming 'round the mountain he heard singing, dancing, partying and when he (Moses) got close enough he could see the people worshipping this statue made of gold . . . . well, it wasn't good.


The people KNEW they weren't supposed to do stuff like this because they'd had a conversation with the Holy One and then, they kept saying to Moses, "YES!  YES! Everything the Eternal says, we will do!!!"

Moses was gone just a few weeks - and - well - there you are and there you have it.

Some people even say it's just about the most horrid thing . . . . 

Well, our teacher said, "we all make mistakes,"  then he followed up with, "then we learn, and we do better."

Because, not so long after - the people had a chance to make a Sanctuary.  It was really special and the Holy One was pleased with it.

Our teacher suggested it was because it was big enough to fit everyone - to include everyone.

See, a statue - you can't walk into it - it fits no one - includes no one - 
A true sanctuary - fits, invites, includes EVERYONE and offers PEACE.

Okay, it was a different way to think about this lesson.
But, I have to admit,
I like the concept.

What do YOU think?

love & love

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Buttercup said...

A very interesting perspective. I'm going to think on this for awhile. Have a wonderful Shabbat!