Monday, February 28, 2011


Something Major happened 
You know, one of those things that indicates
a "break through"

To mark the occasion
(a mini-celebration of sorts)
I found a stone
that simply caught my attention

is it ever blue.

It's an Azurite
which i THOUGHT was a green
beautiful green-ish
sort of stone.

This is
a real statement


I'm wearing it
right at this very moment.

here's an Azurite Photo
yeah, it's THAT kind of BLUE.
But, it's on a chain
around my neck
I hope I've really learned this lesson
and begin traveling on
towards the NEXT ADVENTURE

I hope I don't have to tackle another "learning experience" like this one
for a very l-o-n-g time

Or, I forget
how graceless I felt going through that last bit

(behind us now . . ta-daaa!!!)

Here's what Wikipedia says about Azurite

I haven't decided what I say about it, yet - 
only that it's pretty
and reminds me
how grateful I am

So, I've been told we should be willing to develop ourselves
(spiritually.  I've also been told this isn't so easy . . . hm)
if we've done a proper job of it
our "first self"
won't recognize the self we become

we'll be transformed

another "hmmm" from the maggid

got any stories of transformation to share?
any recent "wins" to celebrate?
Sending you LOVE,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yehuda Berg:

I realize this wisdom has come down to us in lots of different ways
It sounds simple - but takes real self-control to accomplish
Okay, Okay - it DOES get easier with practice . . . still . . . 

Francis of Assisi - in his "Instrument" Prayer says it well - Poetically, so we can sing it - remember it . . BUT does that mean we DO/Accomplish it?

Well, enough of me - here's what Y. Berg had to say:

"Hurt people hurt people.  That’s how pain patterns gets passed on,
generation after generation after generation…
Break the chain today.  Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion,
cruelty with kindness.  Greet grimaces with smiles.  Forgive and forget
about finding fault.
Love is the weapon of the future."
That said:
Love & Love,

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Tales Of The Troubadour"

Been a long time since a guitar was slung across my back.

Here's a terrific Maggid
Doing "The Work"
as i understand it

Maggid Steve Klaper

Yeah, I said "Terrific Maggid"
He's also a Genuine Human Being
If you get the chance 
to cheer him on in person
He's certainly got high recommends from me

Here's his Site:

Yehuda Berg

"Reminding yourself of your shortcomings,
and transgressions 
will only trick you into a state of sadness.  
And bring you further away from your dreams.

Be kind to yourself today."

Social Science Courtyard
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Pops!

My Pops
Is Celebrating His First Birthday
In Heaven
Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

I am thinking of him.
I am grateful
for this man.
He took me in
and claimed me as his own
when no one else cared.

I don't think they are serving only cake in Heaven today.
Pops loves good food.
I'm sure there is plenty to "share and to spare"
I bet he has more than one slice of
lemon meringue pie.
Slice of lemon meringue pie
love & love,

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Friday, February 18, 2011

City of the Angels

I always enjoy telling people I'm from the "City of the Angels."
I'm not exactly sure what that makes me,
when there's a song wishing all the ladies could be California Girls . . .
well, that's me, for sure . .
(which always makes me giggle, because that's NOT what the guys mean when they sing those lyrics.)

Anyway, I just finished this book:

Angels DO come up a couple of times
It isn't the focus of the story by any stretch
 when Angels come up
the answer seems to be
there are principalities and powers.

Having finished one book, i simply pick up another from the book stack I've got waiting for me to read . . .
I didn't choose the one that's been sitting the longest
because I have one that was mentioned in class a couple of weeks ago.
One of our teachers also heads up a book discussion once a month.
I can't attend, because I'm working on that day -
BUT, when he mentioned this title, i wrote it down.
So, NOW I'm reading:

Wouldn't you know it
The beginning of the family history has the author looking for information about his grandfather
who was known for
speaking with angels.

Now, i don't know about you
for me
it always seems there's a Divine Thread running through my life
Including the books i read while riding the bus.

This thought makes me happy.
Even if it ISN'T the focus of anything in particular - today, finding angels, is a fun thing.

(giggling about her book choices)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"we all make mistakes"

That's what our teacher said.  "We all make mistakes."  He was talking about the "Golden Calf" escapade.
Do you remember the story?
Moses went up the mountain to talk with the Holy One and while he (Moses) was gone, the people melted all the gold they'd brought with them and made a 'golden calf' - you know - some kind of statue - and, when Moses was coming down the mountain from the Holy Retreat he'd been on, coming 'round the mountain he heard singing, dancing, partying and when he (Moses) got close enough he could see the people worshipping this statue made of gold . . . . well, it wasn't good.


The people KNEW they weren't supposed to do stuff like this because they'd had a conversation with the Holy One and then, they kept saying to Moses, "YES!  YES! Everything the Eternal says, we will do!!!"

Moses was gone just a few weeks - and - well - there you are and there you have it.

Some people even say it's just about the most horrid thing . . . . 

Well, our teacher said, "we all make mistakes,"  then he followed up with, "then we learn, and we do better."

Because, not so long after - the people had a chance to make a Sanctuary.  It was really special and the Holy One was pleased with it.

Our teacher suggested it was because it was big enough to fit everyone - to include everyone.

See, a statue - you can't walk into it - it fits no one - includes no one - 
A true sanctuary - fits, invites, includes EVERYONE and offers PEACE.

Okay, it was a different way to think about this lesson.
But, I have to admit,
I like the concept.

What do YOU think?

love & love

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"The Magic of Believing"

Undoubtedly, we become what we envisage.
            -- Claude M. Bristol

I saw the name "Claude M. Bristol" and got a happy thrill.  I don't even know when i read his book, "The Magic of Believing" - I mean, i was a kid - it was a long time ago.  i just now tried to find out when it was written (looks like it was published way before i was born . . so the material was always out there, waiting for us to find.)

Hm, perhaps i should get a copy and re-read it . .

Do you read and re-read books that made a difference in your life?

Do you have any recommends?

Ralph_Waldo_Emerson_1940_Issue-3c.jpg Category...

If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me.
            -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now, here's a good reminder.  What's say we all get up the gumption to have confidence -in ourselves - (again) . . . . We can cheer each other on - and pretty soon, we'll have the "hang of it" all over again.  

(Perhaps you haven't had anyone chipping away at your dreams - if that's the case - HURRAY FOR YOU!!!! - just hang in there a little -  while the rest of us dust off our skinned emotional knees . . we are on the way towards you - running along the path of personal achievement . . . you can probably see us skipping around the bend just now - catching up to your marvelous, happy to see us again grin . . . and, thank you for "waiting up.") 
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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Rabbi of India

What a treat we had Sunday.  The room was full of educators and a few guests, because once word got around about the teacher, Rabbi Hyim Shafner, and his topic "How The Jews of India Changed My Perspective" everyone wanted to be there.

No one was disappointed, either.  There were slides and personal stories from Rabbi Hyim's time in India.  He explained how the Torah and Talmud stories came more alive for him, meeting these people, who have a strong Oral Tradition - and very little Textual Teaching.

Meeting these people, the first thought was "they do not 'look Jewish" - until he rapidly understood, HIS appearance was the different one.

He shared with us a few things distinctive to the people in India, and kept a promise he made to them by inviting us all to come see the place Elijah's Chariot took off to heaven.

My favorite part was how he shared the different understanding between East and West - here, in the "Western World" we often separate from "faith" - using "scientific exceptions" in our thinking (these are totally my words here . . )  - There, in India it is taken for granted that everything (spiritual and physical) is ONE.

I enjoyed the rabbi's openness, and, especially his personal stories.  I wonder if i would be welcome in his shul for more learning.  Either way, I shall certainly look for more opportunities to hear from this wonderful man.

Rabbi Hyim Shafner is the senior rabbi of Bais Abraham in University City.  I have found that congregation to be warm and welcoming, and have no doubt, on special occasions, all of us would be invited to participate.

It's so Good to Have Friends!

love & love,

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A photo of a cup of coffee.Image via Wikipedia

No one is useless in this world 
who lightens the burdens of another.
            -- Charles Dickens

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Snippets -

Egypt, Cairo, Traditional CafeImage via Wikipedia
I'm working on a few ideas - that will surely connect themselves in a bit -

The first thing - this keeps going through my thinking this morning :

Joy is not a feeling - it's a FORCE
Love is not a feeling - it's a FORCE

(I've known this for a long time, but today - it seems important to think about . . . )

Then there was a merchant - just a clip on the media a few days ago - He sells lovely cloth in a side street - where poorer people have their shops in Egypt (Cairo.)  A reporter was kind enough to give us a story about people there ,and their lives.  The rallies a few blocks away has really slowed business - and, this man's business is already tiny - Still he cares for a large family, having five children at home.  We were told, in a good month, he may take home the equivalent of $100. a month.  (ouch)

The merchant said:  "We are in-between God's Hands."
(Like our saying, this is in God's Hands.)

I continue to think of this good man - and the many other families in Egypt, in the world -
I am looking for Love to be Victorious.

Then, the quote that wanted me to look twice this morning is:
A tough lesson in life that one has to learn is that not everybody wishes you well.
            -- Dan Rather

yep, sometimes we just have to shake to dust off our sandals and keep going, hm?

I look forward to your sharing.
Love & Love,

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Let Me Be A Sanctuary

This wonderful lady is our rabbi.

So, Saturday Morning
School was canceled, but after i arrived.
I think this was a good thing
or i would have missed the gifts of the day.

First, there was Family Service.
Rabbi Talve did the story
in the most perfect way.

It's the time of year we talk about the tabernacle in the desert.
A Sanctuary.
Rabbi Talve asked us
"How were we going to do this?"
So, she has all the children get in the center of the circle.
All the children we happy to pile into the middle of the circle.
Then, she had all the grown-ups form a circle around the children and lock arms.

"There!"  she said, "We've built a sanctuary for our children.
But, what will we put into this sanctuary
What qualities do we want out children to always have?"

Going around the circle, every adult said what they were pouring into the sanctuary
to help the children
Qualities they should all have.

Every adult had a different gift for the sanctuary.
Peace, Joy, Good Treats, Learning
On & On went the gifts.
Every Good Thing.

Then, our rabbi said,
"After many years the children grew up and joined the circle.
The children became adults and helped us all walk to the Land of Promise."

All the children stood in the circle alongside their parents.
 And we sang a song
about becoming a Sanctuary.

Children in Jerusalem.Image via Wikipedia

Then, even though school was canceled because we had so much snow.
The service was packed.
i got to share with a lady who had never visited us before.
It totally made my day.

Rabbi Moshe FeinsteinImage via Wikipedia

Sometimes i think of our time together as a
a Holy Shelter for the Heart.
Thank you for that.

Love & Love,
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Love AAJ KAL . . my movie du jour . . .

There are some of us
who still believe.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Note To Self:

Carl Sandburg, American poetImage via Wikipedia

Time is the coin of your life. 
It is the only coin you have, 
and only you can determine
how it will be spent.
Be careful lest you let other people
spend it for you.
            -- Carl Sandburg
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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Taking Every Opportunity to Begin Again

Happy New Year

May it be a Year of Peace
May Everyone in Egypt return home to a great home cooked meal
and re-think how their new nation can happen
with no one else being hurt

Okay, I'm a Dreamer
I'm STILL trying to hang in there
I'm Still Striving towards Optimism.

How are You doing?

I found several quotes that speak personally to me today.
I'll share,
maybe you'll have something to add.

I can't believe this is as far as I'll get,
I've sure had plenty of roadblocks thrown in my way.

have you, too?
Do you feel hopeful

Okay - Quotes:

The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand,
as in what direction you are moving.
            --Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sure are a lot of wise people - or a lot of wise sayings out there.
Ever wonder if we could write this kind of thing, even if we feel we're floundering?

Okay, checking my "direction."

Sad disposition due to virus - phooey

Fortunately that doesn't last so very long.

I DO have a challenge beyond coughing, sneezing and the need for continuous napping, though.
I've been trying to overcome it nicely,
I've asked people for help

They TOLD people their opinion 
but did not help

I'm NOT going to share that - I'm going to tell you this -
because it's
but similar - it's the kind of thing public people sometimes face.

Since being relocated to this part of the nation
I have volunteered free concerts to help organizations
 working towards a common good

We'll say - from 1982 - to 2000

at the turn of the Century
I became ill
(the big kind of hospital - will she or won't she make it kind of - oh my - ill)

When organizers called to book me,
I had to admit i wasn't strong enough
I literally couldn't sit, sing and play a guitar at the same time

Many of these people
Were Rude, Angry, Told me off

I was still on chemotherapy
and radiation
just wasn't physically able

and - had no family support here, so I ended up being seen as a horrid, selfish person.
That's the life of an

Let's try the next quote, okay?

Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgment of the facts of a situation. 
Then deciding what you're going to do about it.
            -- Kathleen Casey Theisen

Some of you have been keeping me GREAT Company along the way.
You're used to me looking forward to a "New Life."

I thought I earned it - when I earned my "new title."
Some other people decided it was their opportunity
and have been rough with their brand of attempted 
"hostile take over."

(Some people just haven't a clue how to enjoy their own lives - 
they gotta try to destroy something )

I have a question for you
What do you do in these circumstances?
What are your favorite wisdom quotes - 
the ones that inspire you in the face of sad looking odds?

Wait, i need a picture - just for happy inspiration . . 

Look!  It wasn't a "picture" - it's a quote from my old blog "Heavenward."
I really like this one, don't you?
I could just stop here, work with this idea and visit you again tomorrow with some 
exquisite new inspiration that has me ready to start fresh . . . 
Well, i WOULD, maybe - except i had one more quote.
"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
            -- Henry David Thoreau

There it is, then
You know i like Thoreau a lot.

Okay, okay - what if our circumstances look different on the outside
that's just surface stuff, right?
Material World Stuff

we are Eternal
made in the IMAGE
of the Eternal.

So, since I get to redefine
(or, could it be we are being 'refined?')
Then, I'm still me
only better - or MORE ME

And All the Hopes, Dreams
It all still applies

I'm feeling better already.

I'd sure like to hear from you.

And, even if i don't

I want to THANK YOU
for being my friends

I want to tell you

Be Well
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Burrrrrr -

We are all staying home
We are all staying safe
I hope it's the same with you.

Do you remember the little weeping crab apple tree I love so much?
Even covered in ice, she amazes me.

Apples that stayed well after fall are still red - and frozen.
Earlier in the year a squirrel had me laughing really hard
He developed a fancy dance
 grabbing hold of the apples and twisting every which way to get them off the baby tree
Still plenty left.

Happy February
Love & Love,
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