Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saint Francis

Wood Statue of Saint Francis of AssisiImage by pjhodges via Flickr
It's a little bit cool - my friend R. Goodman mentioned Francis in a poem the other day.
Sometimes people refer to me as a Francis - because animals - well, we just get along.
Today - an interesting thing happened at work.
There was a speaker giving an inspiring talk.
When i was asked to do one of Francis' Prayers, it came out

We are used to thinking in a positive way,
Still we were surprised the hear:

"Child, Your are an instrument of My Peace
Where there is hatred, you express love
Where there is despair, you express hope
Where there is darkness, You Are the Light
And where there is sadness, You are the Joy.
My Dearest Children, I will always send you Good
That's what I Am
What you are
And it is in giving that you receive
It is in pardoning, that you are pardoned.
Child, You are an instrument of My Peace."

We all just went along as if nothing had happened.
The lyrics on the music stand were the same they've been for years
guess we have a thought to live up to - there was no asking this morning,
there was an expectation of lifted behavior.

hmmmm -

love & love,

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