Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Walk, Dance!

This makes me smile.
I always think we should dance.
No, really! 
Like in the grocery store, when the muzak catches our attention. couldn't we dance a little crazy in the aisle  OR sing along with the music a little too loud for a few measures?

Here's one of my favorite thoughts.
How about when someones cell phone goes off with a snazzy little melody
couldn't we smile and dance, or at least sway a little, if we're seated?

World could be a little better with mini-dance breaks.

ah!  In my imagination, this is a beautiful world.
love & love,

PS - I am encouraged.  This video tells me there are others like us, everywhere.


Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement!

Here is a funny.... my main ring tone on my mobile is "Sweet Caroline"...when my phone rings at work my co-workers break out in song.

I LOVE to dance....Always dancing around my home, good for me and makes me happy!

DANCE! Love to you!

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Great video--and great message! You should come to one of our General Chapters (our big policy-making assemblies). We usually end up dancing at some point. One year--quite a few years back--we danced into dinner!

Clarence Heller said...

I love to dance. My daughter got married last summer and I danced my socks off. Blessed day, great joy. Dancing expresses that.

mty said...

Ha what an entertaining video. Thanks for sharing!

I for one am hard to get to dance. I love to dance with a partner though, dancing solo is just so... awkward.