Monday, January 24, 2011

Concepts from Yehuda Berg

This is what his son is learning?  Most Marvelous.
i know a lot of people not even willing to consider this idea.
I used to giggle when i lived in Nashville, because almost every day i passed the "Try Building."
I don't know the story of the building,
I just laughed at an entire building dedicated to 'trying' instead of 'doing' or 'accomplishing.' 
Now it doesn't seem so funny, when there are so many people who seem to come from the "try philosophy."

Then again - have i looked closely at myself?  Do i keep my promises (vows?)

love & love,



Buttercup said...

I lived in Nashville, too from 1972-75. Definitely a wonderful experience. When were you there?

TheNote said...

Hi Buttercup!!!! I lived in Nashville 1980 - 82, traveling on occasion to sing - but it was my home for a while . . LOVED IT.
Blessings to You!