Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amazing Gift - Amazing Art - Amazing Birdhouse

This beautiful birdhouse was given to me a couple of weeks ago.
It sat on the table next to me when i shared stories & songs with my young guests.
After story time they gathered around, it was at the perfect height for dreaming.
They could just about see inside the first door.
We decided it was a magical place
because we could dream we lived in this house
filled with little furniture
and big dreams.
I carried it carefully all the way home.
Waiting on the platform for the first train
children gathered to look
they held their breath in the cold
while their eyes glittered.
I'm certain they had the same amazement all the rest of us felt.

Waiting for the last bus home
some of the Metro drivers
and a security guard 
gathered to admire the beauty
I KNOW it made a difference in their day.

It waits on the table
inspiring me every day.
I have promises from friends to procure and decorate the proper post for this new home to perch on.
When the weather warms we can look forward to the family that eventually takes residence.

isn't it wonderful?



Clarence Heller said...

Yes, it is indeed wonderful. And as a novice blogger I am thrilled to find someone from my home town. Hello!

Amanda said...

I love the birdhouse, and love that you watched it brighten the days of certain people. It's amazing what simple things can do, isn't it?