Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 - Bring It On!

Own only what you can carry with you;
know language, 
know countries, 
know people.
Let your memory be your travel bag.
            -- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I saw a Facebook conversation about hoarders. 
i gather there is a television program on the subject.  
It seems either scary or sad, i haven't decided which, yet. 
It would be hard for me to categorize, not seeing it myself.  
Then i saw this quote and it seemed a good response. 

How are things for you?  
I'm asking about your first 2011 take. 
I had the best ever beginning.  
Saturday i heard new concepts from Rabbi Ed and Rabbi Talve,
that would have been more than enough
but thanks to the generosity of our beautiful local songbird Deborah Sharn
I got to spend the First Sunday at Center for Spiritual Living.  
There's something nifty about Religious Science Centers, 
every January they teach, or  review the first four chapters of their textbook
This way everyone has an opportunity to brush up ideas about Principles for a great life.    

There are a lot of terrific ways to share this same information,
from uncountable knowledgeable teachers -
i got the best treat of all, hearing Larry DeRusha -
yeppers, he was our speaker. 
I call that a GIFT. 
(If you follow the link on his name, you'll get to see & hear him speak on one of his books.) 

Well, it's only the 4th day of the year -
and already, for me, it rocks! 
I hope it feels the same for you.

I'm sending you Love & Love,

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Anonymous said...

The best is yet to come for you!

Here's to the best!

Much Love ♥ Carol