Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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I am not afraid of storms, 
for I am learning how to sail my ship.
            -- Louisa May Alcott

How are we all doing?  Have you been taking stock of what you've accomplished in the last few months?
Oh dear, are some of you in the middle of the shopping craze? 
I just thought of that, perhaps my timing is a little off.  
Well, if my instincts are correct and shopping
is the activity of the moment . .
please be careful - 
YOU are more important that a thing . . . 
YOU are more important than a dollar . . . 
YOU, Beautiful YOU are the gift . . . 
so, whatever the moment is saying to you -
STILL Value YourSelf Highly . . okay???

So, back to why i thought i was logging in . . . 
The reason this quote caught my attention . . .
I've been through a lot of changes since the Century Change.  
It's all turning out rather well, i think.  
I don't for a moment think I'm where I'll end up - 
not "finished," so to say -
but, the adventure is turning out to be worth taking -
not that i consciously chose it,
but - since I was headed this way -
Yeppers, I seem to be learning to "sail my ship."  
And, feel pleased at the doing/being.

So, I just wanted to ask you - how's your adventure going?

Thank you for being such good companions along the way,
love & love,
(should i say "Ahoy!" - ?)
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