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Friday, December 03, 2010

I didn't take this photo - I couldn't figure out HOW to get a good portrait of the little visitor.  I don't know if he's a "him" or a "her."  I do know "he" is interesting and amazing and brave.  So, earlier this week i was out in the driveway trying to put a huge amount of styro-foam squares back into the shipping crate that carried them here.  I thought something was broken in the house - like maybe the washer - or dryer - because I heard a loud, persistent (mechanical sounding) squeak-ish sound - over & over.  I stood inside the kitchen, the sound was LOUD.  i walked towards the laundry room, quiet . . . . (since one of my ears doesn't listen to worldly sounds, direction is challenging to guess.) - Eventually I figured out it was right out there - in the driveway - and, it wasn't mechanical - it was a bird.  "He" allowed himself to be seen - and, golly, it seems "he" was thankful for the feeder I'd hung in the tiny tree by the new fence.  :He wasn't even afraid with me standing just a few feet away.  "He's been visiting for a few days, it's getting cold out.  Won't "he' be flying somewhere warmer soon?  I realize not everyone enjoys the birds as i do . . . but, this little "guy" can count on a meal when "he" stops to visit . . .

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Carol said...

No reason for the little guy to fly south...he has found a good home. Just love him.

Wish I could find some "goodness" with my Mickey that does not seem to want to leave my home.