Thursday, December 16, 2010

Every once in a great while i see why the Holy One set me off on this unique path.

On Wednesday Afternoons/Evenings I get to share stories with young people.
It's a great deal of fun and a small amount of classroom management.
I enjoy it, but still miss the "first georgy."  (The person I spent most of my life being.)

This term one of the young people asked if I'd tell about his namesake, Josuha.
It was the first time I've had a request like this and i decided to honor it,
adding Joshua to the curriculum we already cover.

What an immense JOY.  These stories are not what the people generally get to hear.
They sat forward, eyes and hopes glued - towards me, in my direction, maybe, but they were seeing the story Itself, finding a treasure for themselves in the ancient writings, meant to give them Hope and a Future.

This HAS happened lately - in different types of groups -
and, I've been satisfied with the doing -
But, yesterday, before an ice storm, I felt I had the great privilege of handing out

It seems the Holy One has a Great Job to do
And, we get to help . . .
And - maybe, that's why my feet were placed, in an unusual way, on this path.

love & love from your 21st Century Maggid,

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