Friday, December 03, 2010

"Dream Date" and a favoite learning:

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First, my "Dream Date" concert with Rabbi James Stone Goodman is this this weekend - (of course, you are invited)
Here's the link:

Second, my friend Celeste is in Israel.  She will be thinking of me, especially when she visits Tzfat.  I will be thinking of her, especially as i sing "Face of God."

(a learning i enjoyed earlier this week)

"No, the Exodus did not destroy evil in the world.  What is did was set up an alternative conception of life.  Were it not for the Exodus, humans would have reconciled themselves to the evils that exist in the world.  The Exodus establishes the dream of perfection and thereby creates the tension that must exist until reality is redeemed. . . Where does Israel get the strength - the chutzpah - to go on believing in redemption in a world that knows mass hunger and political exile and boat people?  How can Jews testify to hope and human value when they have been continuously persecuted, hated, dispelled, destroyed?  Out of the memories of the Exodus!. . . "

- - - -Irving Greenberg, (Yitz)

love & love,
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Lorraine said...

On the International History Channel (Which I now longer get), I saw an Archeology show about the Canaanites and oh gee I forget the Jewish Guys name.. and the name of the show even. Sorry. Anyway he said the Canaanites believed in Father God and Mother God. What do you think of that? Sylvia Browne books called MOTHER GOD and FATHER GOD re so very interesting. I wonder what you think of them? I bought the set from a flea market. Smelling heavily of stale cigarettes, but I read them anyway. She gives the history of other religions in the books.

By the way even though I was raised Protestant but am now Gnostic Christian. My Aunt Helen married a wonderful Jewish man (God rest his soul), and she converted to Judaism back in the 50's. Her son raised Jewish is a famous Liver Surgeon. So here she is the only Jewish woman living in a small North East PA town!

Lorraine said...

I wish I had a edit button for my comments! LOL