Monday, December 06, 2010

Another Great Thought from Yehuda Berg

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I heard a saying yesterday - I meant to write it down . . I didn't BUT it is still calling to me today - so, now it may be slightly "georgy-ized" -

One who finds True Love has been favored by God
One who does not has become One with God

Yehuda Berg offers  this:
"The Omitted Verse"

The term “Son of God” appears in the Zohar, but it refers to everyone and anyone who masters the art of miracle-making. The Zohar explains that when someone reaches this level of being: “There’s no separation between the Son and the Father. They are one. And all the treasure of the Father’s house is there for the Son to use.” Most modern day translations of the Zohar mysteriously omit these verses because they are so powerful. I’m reminding you because it’s time to remember your potential.

may we become ONE
May we become
Our Own Most Possibility

love & love,

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Lorraine said...

I thought the Jewish religion recognizes Jesus as a MAN and not one spirit with God as the Christians do. But then again you know the Trinity? The father , son and Hioly Ghost? Well isn't the Holy Ghost and Jesus the same entity? I was raised a Protestant (Methodist) but dropped out at age 13. Now I'm spiritual but not religious. I believe in Father God and Mother God (Azna), because we women had to be mad in a woman's likeness, don't you think? Read the books MOTHER GOD and FATHER GOD by Sylvia Browne someday. I'm a Gnostic Christian I suppose, but I don't attend any church.