Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.
            -- Confucius

Now, this is a comforting thought.
I seem to plod along, happy as anything for the most part,
But, my pace is "slow, but steady."

I'm certainly thrilled with all the changes Life has provided.
At this moment, I'm grateful for a few hours to do as i please, maybe catch up a little with you.
I'd take a camera out to share the day with you but,
It's a little cold beyond comfort - AND - WET . . (burrrrr.)
So, sending you my Love will just have to do.

Wait a minute, a friend sent me a beautiful cyber-flower.
Let's see if i can retrieve it for you . . . hold on . . . 

Ta-Daaa!  From my friend James - to YOU.
Happy Thanksgiving.
AND - I want to thank you for sharing the Journey with me.
I KNOW - we don't meet over coffee - although, that would be really nice - 
Please know, you mean a lot to me, I am Grateful for You in my Life.
Sending You Love
All Wishes for Peace Profound,

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