Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Morning!

 I'm sitting at my desktop, waiting for the sun.  I wonder if she's going to smile through this window while I wait . . hmmm . . .

Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides.
          -- Rita Mae Brown  

This is a good reminder for me today.  I'm packed and ready for school, have two classes of trusting, young people.  Always i remind mySelf we were given such great power.  We were told we have the choice between Blessing and Cursing . . . and we were prompted to choose Blessing.

AND - if that weren't enough, we are told God lives in the Praises of His people.
Let my mouth be full of Blessing and Praise today (and all other days, please.)
Let me be an Encourager, please.
Let me pass along the great Gift  - Hope and a Future.

love & love,

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Anonymous said...

Hi G...

I gave my 'journey in my faith' talk yesterday. It went about 20 minutes long. Got a little choaked up once but I regrouped quickly. It went well....not taking up public speaking anytime soon but I enjoyed it and so did others. Thank you for the encouragement. I suited up and showed up!

Love to you on this beautiful Sunday! CCC