Monday, October 25, 2010

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Sholomi

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Rabbi Zalman taught several times when i was a student.  I learned so many things from him and promptly began adding
his techniques/suggestions/style
to my "tool belt." 
I mean to say,
i out right copied what I saw him do.

He inspired me
I would enjoy more time with him -
this isn't what i want to tell you.

What i want to share
has to do with the fact that i never feel certain that I'm doing a decent "job."
(Not that what i do is hard work - it's a JOY, I'm just not secure  . . . 'nuff said.)

So, I'm teaching on Saturday last
and asked each student for commentary
or story having something to do with our
topic of the day.

My heart was made so happy
it was a challenge to keep happy tears a secret.
Many of them gave answers
beginning with conversational sounds of speech
 Suddenly breaking into song when they got to the best part of their story or answer.

AH!  Right AND Left brain answers -
definitely ZALMAN.

I may not seem 'good enough' (to me)
BUT - my Teacher, Zalman - is Stellar - and, these young people, without realizing,
have and are sharing Sparks from this great man.

A Maggid Report that makes me Glad to share with you.

(See? Spirit goes ahead of us all - makes the way straight -
gets it done - if we just say yes -suit up & show up. . . . . Hurray!)

Love & Love,

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