Friday, September 03, 2010

Point Of Wonder

I was entertainment director for a hotel chain in the early '80s

(yes, yes, way back last century . . another life ago)

There were times I would "work" a room for a length of time until i had booked several months of performers.

Well, I was in Chicago and it turned out people liked me a lot.  
The room was packed six nights a week for months.

Since I was there for such a long time

I sent for my books and returned to studies.

One day I burst out of my room (I lived in the hotel)

Certain we could all hear the Universal Melody –

Even if we weren't paying such close attention

The way we are used to "elevator music" or "supermarket music"

I mean, our public lives are orchestrated in urban areas

So, perhaps we have put the Holy Music of the Spheres in our background music mind

Well, people were amused and knew for sure it was their "quirky artist on staff"

Just a kid in overdrive –

I would take them outside and show them they were hearing all kinds of stuff –

Birds, traffic – if they stopped just a moment they could hear the hum of the hotel lights, the click of changing stop signs – they easily could hear all that – but could not grab the fact that the Universe MUST be singing.

Oh well – I was happy with the understanding (which I believe I hear all the time.)


Okay, okay – get this point of wonder.

Yesterday, while reading a little about Hildegarde of Bingen, You know her, she LOVED music, she wrote SO MUCH and people still perform her compositions to this day. She lived in the 10 Hundreds. Now THAT'S a different century for sure, hm? Anyway, she became convinced that we could all hear the Celestial Music, Music of the Divine – Once it surrounded mankind – that First Man heard and was guided, comforted by it every day – until the first breaking away.

(Did you want to be reminded of the "breaking away? Hildegarde was a conservative Catholic of the 11th Century – her take was the Eve adventure. Georgy thinks, as any of us pull away from the Holy, we suffer. . If you want more of either story – just ask, okay??? )

I am so delighted with this find, this point of wonder, I just HAD to share with you.

Well, this looks too long, so I'll close for today.

You are all invited to Evening Lights this evening – we'll have cake.

Love & Love,


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