Monday, September 06, 2010

Looking for a way to make this blog unique
maybe even helpful.
For now, I'll just share a little.

I have to admit
I had no clue what i was "getting into"
when i started this path.
Now, I'm thrilled with every step
even though much of it is a surprise.

School is upon us
I am teaching
I am taking classes.

There is a place of constant amazement
(I'm in the Midwest)
When i arrived here (Feb. 1982) this place was a gorgeous field
lovely trees, a club house
I used to be invited often to sing, play guitar for camp.

Now, this large plot of land has turned into the most fantastic Center.
There's a recreation center
including swimming, family recreation
there's a sate of the art theater
There are apartments, assisted living, senior housing
children services
holocaust museum
adult education
teacher accreditation
a top flight library
(which includes every book I had to search for when i was in school)

Why I ever flew back & forth across the nation when we had more to offer right here
well, the Holy One is in charge of all that
besides, I STILL thought the place i now visit regularly was a nifty field
who knew?

I encourage anyone considering a maggidic path to do so
You won't be sorry
I strongly urge you to look around your community
Might be
If you've felt "called"
What you need is easy-peasy to find.

Sending Love,

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