Thursday, September 16, 2010


Soon & very soon
we'll hear the sound of the shofar
blasting in the assurance
We've been forgiven
Blasting in the Jubilee

I figure, we'll start reading the Books of Jubilee then
And see how it might apply to 21st century people, hm?
Of course, I'll be reading in English - (no super scholar here, sorry)

Today, this morning, i was with some very small children and their guardians
This is an interesting and intimate group
Often i learn things i never realized before
Today, one of the smallest attendees
Suddenly started to cry
I don't know why
He just did
Another very small child answered the call, and began to wail in unison
I wondered if the entire room was going to erupt
All the adults giggled
I started to sing
The children turned to pay attention to the music
All was right in the world once again.

Amazing, Amazing

love & love,

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