Monday, September 06, 2010

I wanted to share with you
the origins of a story i enjoy sharing
when the heart of the world opens.
This is supposed to be true,
although many of the sources can't remember
the when or who of it.

There was a rabbi who never attended the annual S'lihot Service
It had become the tradition at this synagogue
and, after awhile
people began to believe
and share the belief that their rabbi went to heaven
to watch over his people
to make sure all their prayers were heard
and that all would be well for the coming year.

Eventually an inquisitive person decided to spy on the rabbi
maybe to see what it was like, this going to heaven.
Members of the congregation tried to talk him out of this,
but the more they advised
the more he determined to go.

So, on the evening of S'lihot
the spy hid in the bushes outside the rabbi's home.
Eventually the rabbi came out, carrying an enormous axe.
The spy kept his distance, but followed the rabbi
deep into the woods.
He watched as the rabbi cut and split logs into firewood
for hours on end
then the rabbi carried all the wood to the home of some of the poorest neighbors
making sure they would have enough fuel to be warm and healthy
all through the very cold winter.

The next time people from the congregation saw the spy
they asked
So?  Did the Rabbi go to heaven?

The spy answered,
"no, he went much higher."

You see, doing for others is a much better blessing
Yes!  Doing for others is the Greatest Blessing.

And, that, wonderful friend
is the source for the georgy S'lihot Story

love & love,

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Hi G...

That story sounds familiar.

Happy day to you!

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